Galestro Kish - Iran

Oriental tale an Italian coffee

 Opened Monday to Sunday 10:00 a-m. – 6:00 p.m. 

 Damoon Shopping Center

How to find us

It sounds like an oriental fairy tale, but it’s true: Even on the small island of Kish in the Persian Gulf one can enjoy his Galestro coffee. Our espresso bar is located in the local shopping mall, where the Galestro roasting will be refined just as artfully as our Cappuccino and Espresso in Germany.

So if you should ever pass.....


Galestro Franchise

The Galestro in Kish is one of our three franchise locations. Galestro has long been successful in the espresso-gastronomy and recorded steadily increasing growth rates.

If you are interested in a joint continuation of the „Galestro success story“ and want to be engaged with passion and commitment then we look forward to hearing from you under